Piercing Centre's Spectral Bubble

Postcard with three black and white photographs of various Centre College buildings: Old Centre, Old Main, and the Sayer Library.

What Truly Haunts Centre College

Most people rarely think about paranormal activity when they consider Centre College and its history. Tales of winning athletic teams, high-achieving alumni, and unparalleled study abroad experiences often shape the ways we characterize this top-ranked liberal arts institution in central Kentucky. But Ghosts are central to the Centre experience. They are essential for students, staff, and faculty to connect to Centre College’s past and acknowledge those who built and sustained the mission of the institution. Telling ghost stories weaves strong community bonds. Some ghost stories entertain us. Others provide insights about the culture of the college and how people have chosen to live, work, and interact with one another within it--and the consequences some have faced. They also reveal “hidden” or marginalized aspects of life at Centre College that encourage sometimes difficult conversations about who we are and what we value. 

Centre College is full of ghosts. They connect us to a past we often fail to acknowledge in all its complexity. As you read and listen to these stories, we invite you to confront the ghosts that might haunt you, discovering your place within Centre’s Spectral Bubble.

Centre Term 2021, HIST 470, Dr. Sara Egge